Causes of tooth decay.

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The main factor that causes tooth decay is bacteria in the mouth. which will react with the food eaten and causing the tooth destruction process in the following order

Formation of bacterial plaque on the tooth surface. 

The mouth is home to a wide variety of bacteria. When eating food, snacks, or drinks that contain sugar , the sugar remains on the surface of the teeth.  UFABET Those bacteria bind to the sugar and form a sticky coating on the teeth. Also known as tartar. Which will gradually increase in thickness and then react with sugar to become acid, destroying the tooth surface and causing it to decay.

Plaque damages the tooth surface.

In the first stage, the acids in plaque destroy the hard, outer surface of the tooth. When a hole or gap forms on the outer surface of the tooth Bacteria can enter the inner surface of the tooth. This is the layer of the tooth surface that is softer and less resistant to acid than the outer layer.

Continuous destruction of the tooth surface occurs. 

When tooth decay occurs Bacteria and acids will erode and destroy the tooth surface at a deeper level, possibly reaching into the tooth nerve cavity. which is the home of nerves and blood vessels Until causing tooth sensitivity There is swelling in that area. Severe toothache or toothache when biting or chewing food.