What is the correct way to jump rope?

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Before starting to jump rope You should practice your hand and foot coordination first by practicing jumping on your toes without using a rope. You should not jump too high. Then you can jump together with the rope according how to the following steps.

  1. Choose a rope of the appropriate length. The appropriate length for jumping can be measured by stepping on the middle of the rope with your foot and pulling the rest up to your armpits or chest UFABET 
  2. Practice turning the rope to catch the rhythm of your jump. By holding both ends of the rope with one hand Then swing and try jumping. (without a rope passing under the feet)
  3. Extend your arms with your hands slightly above your waist and about 1 foot away from your body.
  4. Rotate your wrist to swing the rope at the right pace.
  5. Once you are familiar with the rhythm and swing of the rope. Grasp each end of the rope with both hands. And swing the rope to jump at your own pace.

Those who jump rope should prevent injuries by warming up the body or stretching the muscles first and cooling down the body after exercising. Choose the right shoes for jumping. Including people with lower body injuries. They should consult a doctor before starting. This is because jumping rope can slow down the body’s recovery from injury.