2 Chinese Baccarat Formulas  guaranteed to be practical

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2 Chinese Baccarat Formulas that are guaranteed to be practical.

If you are the one who is looking for a formula to play baccarat for making money. Just you try the Chinese Baccarat game formula that is easy to understand and can make real money. There are 2 Chinese Baccarat formulas. The following are interesting Whether playing games or doing any activity, the most important thing is to prepare the body to be healthy. In playing dragon tiger online as well, players should have some basic knowledge before playing. You should therefore study the rules. Game style win and lose decisions and counting the points of each card. And pay rate which is necessary. Because whether you have Dragon Tiger Recipe. But if you don’t understand the rules of playing, the scriptures in hand won’t help you. You can start by ทางเข้า UFABET

1. Bao Jin Zhong formula

Bao Jin Zhong formula will be a new concept method of playing baccarat. Because there will be a formula that is different from other formulas. There will be a combination of both Dragon and Ping Pong layout and other card layouts and there will be 5 rules as follows.

  • When entering the baccarat betting in the live room Let you look at the timing of the bet first. Do not rush to place bets immediately.
  • When you want to play baccarat, Bao Jin Zhong formula Should choose the room in which the result of the new bet is started. for better results Avoid a room that has been played more than halfway or close to having to replace the deck again.
  • Starting from observing the cards Whether it’s on the banker’s side or the player’s side If an 8 or 9 is drawn, when it comes to a new betting round, you immediately place a bet on the player’s side.
  • If there is any round winning with 3 cards, that is, the 3rd card of both sides is revealed. In the next round, you can place bets on the banker’s side immediately.
  • Bao Jin Zhong formula is a formula that can only be used to make good money 3-4 times per room. When finished, must go out to play in another room and if playing until all the rooms have to stop playing immediately

2. Three Kingdoms formula

For the Three Kingdoms formula, it is a formula that is blended with the program. It’s not a Chinese recipe directly because it was invented by Thai people. Just using a formula that comes from famous Chinese novels like the Three Kingdoms. There will be a form of money making strategy that is blended with the Baccarat formula program. There will be 5 cycles and there will be 1x, 3x, 7x, 15x and 31x. The details of the movement are as follows.

  • Your first bet doesn’t include £100. If this time you lose in the second round, place your bet at £300. If you lose, you lose £400.
  • Next round you increase the bet amount to 700 baht. If this round is still losing, it means you lost a total of 1,100 baht.
  • Round 4 allows you to continue betting at the amount of 1,500 baht and if you still lose in this round, you will lose a total of 2,600 baht.
  • Round 5 will be considered the final round. You bet with the amount of 3,000 baht. If you lose, you start betting at 100 baht or it’s a new start. But if you don’t want to spend too much money, you should stop playing and then slowly
  • Come back to get the capital back the next day. But if you happen to win, you will return both your capital and profit.