How to play roulette to make money.

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How to play roulette to make money. Share basic techniques. You should know before playing the game, easy to play, quick money.

How to play roulette to get money. Iron ball puzzle game It has existed from the 17th century until the present day. That was developed into a game. The most popular online casino. Roulette or the iron ball puzzle game. Originated from France It is widely played in Europe during the 17th century until the present It was develop into an online casino game.  You can start by ทางเข้า UFABET

How to play is not difficult. But also fun and exciting. You have to wait until you sweat. That the steel ball will fall on any number Exactly as we have placed the bet or not. Will it be high, low, or what color? Guaranteed to play without boredom.

1. Place a bet

place bets to play which can determine the play by selecting the chip if it is online roulette There will be a variety of chips to choose from. Can play more than 1 format, including single favorites, row favorites, zone favorites and choose the amount of money, press confirm

The groups of numbers available on the board are shown as follows.

  • of 12, first group of numbers (1st 12)
  • Group 12 Second group of numbers (2nd 12)
  • Group 12 Third group of numbers (3rd 12)
  • Numbers 1-18
  • No. 19-36
  • Couple (Even)
  • Odd (Odd)
  • Black
  • Red

2. Win numbers on the wheel

After that, the time of the room will be counted down until the end. The table warden will risk the ball. By turning the roulette wheel to the left and throw the ball to the right After that the ball will spin. We just wait for the soccer ball to come to rest.

3. Wait until the wheel stops completely.

When the soccer ball has stopped The table supervisor will gradually Notice the rotation of the wheel until it is completely still. After that, the picture will be revealed. or the hole where the soccer ball is stopped In some rooms, playing will have a zoom to see clearly. for transparency