Arteta confident Arsenal players are ready

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Arteta confident Arsenal players are ready to explode Champions League

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has admitted his goal of securing a top-four finish in the Premier League will lead to a return to the Champions League. Again, that’s not an easy thing. But he is confident that his players will be able to succeed, according to reports from UFABET

The Gunners Still contending for the top four with the top teams while there are only 17 games left this season, which the 39-year-old boss has said about the feelings and readiness of the team.

“I am very confident because I can see how much we need it. And we still have a lot to develop. We lose points which sometimes shows that we are not mature enough. But sometimes we get a lot of points because of the enthusiasm, the thirst and the energy they bring to the team.”

“So we have to keep the balance and give them confidence. When these players feel supported and know we are backing them. They will play fearlessly. This will allow them to show their full potential,” Arteta said.

“I think that ending like this is the best solution for everyone. I think when something changes changing context This is part of football. what we have done yesterday or last month it’s irrelevant It’s what we do today. and what we will do in the future And you have to make a decision. We make every decision based on what is best for us to move forward. and now he plays for Barcelona already.”

“I’m clear on this. Did I do something wrong… I made a lot of mistakes. But in every management within the team Every decision is the best. not for me It is for the club and within the team.”