Berbatov predicts + scores for Manchester United

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Berbatov predicts + scores for Manchester United vs Southampton.

Bulgarian legend Dimitar Berbatov Predicted the results of the match for the old team. Manchester United, in the opening game to welcome Southampton in the Premier League matchup on Saturday night.

“First of all, I have to admit honestly that As a man at Manchester United. Would most like to see them win the game tonight,” Berb told UFABET.

“But that’s not the only reason. Because if left like that it would be too biase. And I dare say that this was a game where Manchester United really manage to topple the visitors considering many elements of home play. Both about the mental state that was repress from the previous appointment. To the quality of the players.”

“Back a few days ago, Man United only drew with Burnley. Because they didn’t finish the game despite having so many chances to get into the last space.”

“And with the level of the team at the moment With the main goal of grabbing the TOP 4, it is impossible to let a draw or lose again. The important thing is that they have a player like Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad. Who should be able to start again, so no matter how good Southampton are, they shouldn’t come back with a point.