Maresca insists Leicester are not pressured to get promoted immediately.

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Enzo Maresca insists there is no pressure from Leicester on him to secure promotion back to the Premier League immediately. Even if it is the intention of the club

The former assistant to Pep Guardiola has signed a three-year deal with the Foxes. Following their relegation from the top flight last season. And will take charge of the first team in the official game against Coventry on Sunday.

Thanks to the strength of the team Leeds, Leicester and Southampton. He is a favorite in the second tier. Although Maresca insists he is not under pressure from the club’s management. Even though they only won the Premier League seven years ago and won the FA Cup in 2021 UFABET

Maresca said: “We have to start well. But I don’t feel pressure. The only pressure is to see the team get better. There is no pressure from clubs to say ‘We need to get promoted’ No one said. ‘This is our only goal.’

“We all have the same ambitions and goals. But football is not as easy as A, B, C. It has dynamics and it would be a big mistake for us to think about the moment when we won the FA Cup.

“That is our history and untouchable. But the truth is completely different. The truth is where we are now. in the championship Every club wants to beat us.